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My Marketing cake: 3 love ingredients for the best cake ever.

I just love the idea of making cookies and cakes, especially now that is freezing outside and Christmas is coming.

Marketing for me is like a cake, you just have to mix well the different ingredients.

Nowadays there are 3 basic ingredients that the most succeeding companies are using very well. Disney, Uber, Apple, Mini, what to they have in common?

Here my easy  recipe for you to make the best marketing cake “Love”:

Marketing Cake

  • Your brand, surprisingly the customer feel the love you put in your products, in your service and to create your brand.
  • Your people, who work in your company, they make the job, they are your first brand ambassadors, treat them well and they will treat well your “brand”
  • Your customer, spoil them, surprise them, reward them, let them play with your brand, they will offer you amazing ideas, and you will gain more and more loyal customer every single day.


Is it that simple? Yes it is.

PS There is just one more thing, just add a litte bit of “magic” as a secret ingredient and you will have the best marketing cake ever. Promise you.





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    Mi piace l’idea …marketing is a cake !
    Sì il marketing è un cake con sostanze dominante, lo spirito di ricerca ed innovazione, l’auto
    confidenze nel rapporto con i clienti, buona relazione prezzo/qualità di chiò che si vende.

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